Saturday, December 28, 2019

Open City by Teju Cole - 694 Words

Teju Cole’s phenomenally written original novel majorly takes place in New York City. Cole character was easy to relate to because of his Nigerian American decent being that I am a Ghanaian American. Cole is a Nigerian American. He was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and came to the United States in 1992 at the age of seventeen. Cole is also well educated and is a graduate student at Columbia University. I found it insightful how in the novel Cole met several various types of people, including other immigrants. He met and shared stories with a Haitian shoe shiner, at work in Penn Station; a Liberian, imprisoned for over two years in a dentition center in Queens; and a Moroccan student working at an Internet cafà ©. I enjoyed the fact that the narrator was well stocked minded. He touched on the topics of art, music, and interesting books. He had a very eclectic set of interest. Another aspect that attracted me to novel was they way it was written. Although the book did have separate chapters, the way that it is written make the novel flow as if it was one big paragraph. There are moments in the story where characters converse but speech is not noted by quotation marks or paragraph breaks. This is a type of writing that even the most experience authors fail to accomplish, but Cole made it seem so effortless. Such a style of literature is bound to keep readers interested. If felt as if the reader was reading a diary versus a novel. Included in the novel includes forms ofShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Movie Open City 1127 Words   |  5 PagesThe Role of Discrimination in Open City In the novel Open City by Teju Cole, the main character Julius is a multiracial man. Throughout the novel, it became evident that one of his flaws was that he seemed to have a problem forming relationships with others. The main reason for this was because of the abundance of discrimination in the world. Many individuals judge one another based on their race, religion, ethnicities, etc. Julius’s thoughts and actions show the extremely negative impact that judging

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